Your Daily Bread: Thursday, April 16, 2015

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Change that shake, and chop,chop!


If I was the leader of the free world, I would banish every nutritional bar, liquid or shake from the land and watch the members of my kingdom return to preparing foods in their kitchens again.

Why? Because every time you make a choice, you not only accept the choice you are making, but you reject an option you did not take.

If you only have 2000 (ish) calories a day to spend, why would you want to waste a quarter of your budget on something you grabbed out of your pocket while walking through a polluted city street? You deserve better! You deserve more! You are special because God created you that way…and He/She did not create this glorious world without everything you need in its natural state.

Sure, you are gonna suck down 200 calories of some magic liquid that came from a pressed pod.  But you know you are gonna crave real, beautiful colors of nature, crunchiness, and textures later.

So when you come home and the dinner hour has passed, and you are getting grumpy and craving something, you may ask,

“What’s missing? I know I ate all those protein powders, cereal bars, smoothies and shakes, but I am still craving something.” Next thing you know, you are digging through last weekend’s leftover baked lasagna.

Why not be more proactive?

To speak plainly…stop eating stuff that needs a wrapper, powder or a straw, and start consuming your energy in your own kitchen.

Use these strange things we are equipped with: teeth and hands.

It’s really not hard.

The fact of the matter is that there is NO MAGIC BULLET when it comes to breaking bread. (This is a metaphor…it could be lentils, beef, nuts, whatever!)

You’ve got to just make time for preparing your food and eating it. Period.   There is no magic person, magic company that is creating a magic pill or potion that can take all your nutritional needs into account.  You have to do the work.  You have to care about yourself enough to do it. I believe in you!

Stuff that comes out of a wrapper, in a liquid, or sipped while walking down the street can contain an enormous portion of your daily energy. Everyone needs an emergency  ‘pick me up’ now and again, or a saving “nut bar” or whatever when you wake up late. But could you put it on your list of things to do, much as you would brushing your teeth, programming your DVR, getting your grass cut?

Please, please consider preparing more food at home. Your medical bills may be reduced dramatically. This includes purchases for pain killers, cold medicine, anti-inflammatories.  Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!

Play along with me. If you eat NO food at home, and  receive ALL food prepared by someone else’s hands, (or factory), then please just try to commit to preparing ONE meal a week at home. Just one. Then let me know how it felt to cook something that evening.

How did the rest of your evening go after you cooked dinner? What kind of conversation did you have while you stood at the counter? What did you learn when you stood in the produce section and said “what the heck is THIS weird thing?!” and the conversation that may have been sparked with the person next to you over a rutabaga. Who did you break bread with? What did you discuss? How did you feel after eating dinner? Did you do dishes alone or with someone? What were you thinking about when you did the dishes? How did your kid respond when you told her “hey, kid, do a dish!”

I am willing to bet that the more you cook at home, the more you will cook at home. It’s hard. No doubt about it. It’s SO hard to cook family meals that I had to build an entire career around it otherwise I could not eat the way I wanted!

So think of me not as your master/leader, but as your humble servant. I am here to give you my notes about what I have learned in the trenches as a soldier who is committed to feeding, healing and teaching as much as I possibly can with the world of food.

Food is our fuel. Food is our medicine. Food is the best place to start when your life is off balance. It is healing when done with intention, it is beautiful and loving toward yourself, and it is loving to share with others.

So please consider taking just ONE bar/shake/powder/liquid energy off your list this week and prepare ANYTHING from my website instead– or anything you like! Send me a picture of what you eat! I want to know!

I would also like to know how choosing just ONE more home prepared meal affected you.

Peace be with you as you…and chop chop!!!


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Comments (2)

  1. posted by Susan on April 17, 2015

    Thanks for encouraging good eating with small, doable steps. Just this week someone with a “health” group on social media tried to convince me to do a shake thing. “What? That’s for lunch? Um, no.”

    • posted by Renata (Renee Gough) on April 21, 2015

      You are most welcome Susan! It takes a village to eat healthy meals, doesn’t it?


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