Thirsty Thursday

Making the Most of Your Valentines Toast

Know before you go! Your Cocktail Calorie Count is here.

Your Valentine’s Calorie Cocktail Count is here!

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday! Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I would peruse my handy dandy “MyFitnessPal” app and share the calorie count of common cocktails that we are likely to order this evening.

Obviously some of the homemade drinks will vary from place to place. As a general rule, the more sugar in the beverage, the more calories. Different drinks go down at different rates, and there are some surprises here like the dirty martini coming in at the higher end of the list. How did those girls on Sex and the City fit into their designer dresses? They probably walked all over Manhattan. Oh yeah, and they are pretend.

I hope you find this Valentine’s Day list a handy dandy guide to your evening. Here’s a toast to the selected sips and tips!

  • 12 oz bottle Amstel light: 95 calories
  • 1 oz vodka: 64 calories (Renata’s tip: order Vodka & Soda with splash of grapefruit or cranberry juice & lime for a light drink around 80 calories.)
  • 6 oz glass Prosecco: 120 calories
  • 5 oz glass Pinot Noir: 125 calories
  • 5 oz glass Chardonnay: 123 calories
  • Manhattan on the rocks: 129-220 calories
  • Old Fashioned made with bourbon: 180-240 calories
  • Gin and Tonic: 130-160 calories
  • 4 oz Cosmopolitan: 213 calories
  • 8 oz Sangria: 156-200 calories
  • Moscow Mule: 177-220 calories
  • Dirty Martini: 240 calories
  • Dirty Martini with Olives: 320 calories
  • Absolut Martini Straight Up Twist: 276 calories
  • 10 oz Margarita on the rocks with salt: 550 calories

Top Tips for Slim Sips:

1) Eat some chopped raw veggies and hummus before going out to avoid a low blood-sugar drinks binge.

2) Drink 6-8 glasses of water during the day to pre-hydrate

3) Between alcoholic drinks, drink a tall glass of water.

4) If it tastes sweet, it’s loaded with sugar.

5) Garnishes count! Though olives are a healthy whole food, they can add up quickly with some bars choosing jumbo olives that can add a ton of calories to your drink.

Choose Joy this Valentine’s Day!

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