Renata’s Guaca with Fresh, Juicy Lime

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Ripe lime and ripe avocado are secrets to good guac.




  1. Mash 1 soft avocado with a fork.

  2. Add 1 tsp of peeled and grated whole WHITE onion.

  3. Squeeze the life out of 1 juicy lime. 

  4. Mix all with a spoon, add sea salt and cayenne pepper to taste.

Ripe lime and ripe avocado are secrets to good guac.
Ripe lime and ripe avocado are secrets to good guac.


The secret to good guacamole is the ripest, best quality avocado you can get your hands on. 

I also love the way the light hits the sliced surface of a ripe, juicy lime.

It seems when I want to serve guacamole, I don’t have a ripe avocado.  And when I have a ripe avocado, I don’t want to eat an entire bowl of guacamole.

This recipe will demand you eat the entire bowl full of guacamole, plus great quality organic blue or yellow tortilla chips too!

I have tried many non-GMO and organic corn chips.  I was surprised that one of my favorite brands is the “O ORGANIC BRAND” which used to be sold by Dominick’s but has now reappeared at Jewel!!! 

I really love this particular “O Organic Brand” of yellow organic corn chips.  My friend Melissa also likes this brand’s version of the organic blue chips, and organic white chips.  It’s a close call, but for me, I like the O Organic Yellow Corn Chips.

The key to great guacamole is making sure the avocado is that lovely stage of ripeness that gives like a ripe banana, but isn’t brown/black inside.

Mash it with a fork, and frankly, you are DONE.

BUT! Take a whole, peeled WHITE onion and grate it with a plain old cheese grater.  There will be that weird, watery, white & juicy mush on the back of the grater.  Mix a teaspoon of that into your mashed avocado! It will give this wonderful flavor that will have guests tipping their head to one side with delight.

Cut your juiciest lime in half, and squeeze that baby with one hand, catching the seeds with the other.

Mix it all up. NOW taste for sea salt and GROUND cayenne pepper.  If you like kick, then ground cayenne is the way to go. Instead of chopped peppers, you get the heat from the ground cayenne, but you can let that gorgeous, ripe avocado texture hit your tongue without any interruption. 

Of course, no one would blame you if you chopped a juicy, seasonal red tomato and mixed that through.  

Serve with freshly clipped and chopped cilantro. Tequila shots are optional.  

Pair this chip, or any other non-GMO chip like “Late July” brand from Costco, and you will be be ripe for the pickin’.


Nature and nature’s laws lay hid in the night. God said, Let Newton be! and all was light!

-Alexander Pope

Ripe lime and ripe avocado are secrets to good guac.





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