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The colors of Thanksgiving without giving you tight pants!

Roasted Organic Tricolor Carrots

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Thank you God for the colors of these glorious carrots!

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Mamma Mia! Everyone agrees Grandma Nita's Fabulous Red Wine Biscotti are the best!

Grandma Nita’s Fabulous Red Wine Biscotti

Grandma Nita tutored my daughter and I on how to bake her Fabulous Red Wine Biscotti. We ...

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Gluten-Free Lovin' from the Oven

Gluten-Free Lovin’ from the Oven

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  Easy-Peasy, Gluten-Free Renata’s Gluten-Free Oven Baked Pasta  1 pan ♦ 30 minutes ♦ 4 ingredients! This is ...

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My mom, Nita Tribo, who we call "Grandma Nita".

Mom’s Marvelous Marinara

My momma is a genius. That's all there is to it. Signora Slurp!

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Oh baby! Get those colorful  veggies, turmeric,  nuts or beans in your body to reduce inflammation!

Renata’s Cheap and Cheerful Vegan Curried Cabbage Stir Fry

Renata’s Cheap and Cheerful Vegan Curried Cabbage Stir Fry   This dish is a complete ...

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"My Little Chick-a-Peas" taste much better when made from dried, soaked and slowly simmered organic chick peas from Wholefoods bulk section.  Come up and see them sometime!

“My Little Chick-a-Pea” 400 Calorie Lunch

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“My Little Chick-a-Pea” 400 Calorie Lunch   If you know me, then you know I ...

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The PERFECT mashed potatoes.

My Mashed Potatoes

Oh Momma.  Mashed Potatoes.   Note: Got a vegan? Substitute hot milk with hot organic ...

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Pumpkin Whip–No Crust, No Fuss

 No need to throw your back out or cut your hand off. Roast your pumpkin ...

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Ohhhh yeah.

Red Lentil Power “Risotto”

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This dish is LOADED with fiber, vitamins and protein. A serious one-stop-shop of everything ...

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