Recipe Type: Pasta

Mom’s Marvelous Marinara

My momma is a genius. That's all there is to it. Signora Slurp!

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Renata’s Oven Baked Pasta

If a 17-year-old boy is willing to get up off the sofa in the summer ...

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Guest Chef Vince Turcotte’s Three Cheese Pasta Pronto

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So Easy to Cook-n-Toss, it’s “Fu-silly”! One of my readers sent me this great recipe ...

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Baba’s Masterpiece–Pan Roasted Tomato Spaghettini

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(a.k.a. “You Just Got Schooled By Your Dad” Sauce)     Baba’s Pan Roasted Tomato ...

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Heavenly Penne with Creamy Dijon Sausage Sauce

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I first tried this recipe when our family lived in England. The original recipe can ...

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Renata’s “Smashing” Marinara

There's no need to chop your garlic! Just break off a fist full of cloves ...

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