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0 Comments | October 30, 2014


Logo for Renata’s Kitchen hand painted by Veronika.  Veronika was 8-years-old when she painted this picture (she is now 9-years-old). She is the daughter of a dear friend of mine who posted some of Veronika’s amazing paintings on her Facebook page. I was blown away by the colors, the joy, the style of her painting and immediately asked my friend if  Veronika could create a logo for me for Renata’s Kitchen. I asked Veronika one thing: “Please can you make a picture of me with vegetables floating around over my head?” This is Veronika’s beautiful creation and I absolutely love it. To me, art is like cooking.  It never has to be perfect, but it is very special when it has meaning.  I would like to thank my dear friends from the bottom of my heart for this incredible work of art.  Every time I log into Renata’s Kitchen it lights me up!

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