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Daily Bread

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THIS is my favorite food.  Bam.  Enzo's Italian Combo. WOOF!
THIS is my favorite food. Bam. Enzo’s Italian Combo. WOOF!

My favorite food is at Enzo’s Restaurant–The Sausage and Beef Combo

♥da recipe

Recipe for an Enzo’s World-Famous Italian Sandwich Party

  • Visit: http://enzos1.com/menu/ and click the “pdf” file in center of page. 

  • Order 50 beef sandwiches, cut in half with extra juice. Sweet peppers on the side.

  • Order 50 sausage sandwiches, cut in half with sweet peppers, hot sauce, and extra juice. 

  • Order 50 combo sandwiches, cut in half, with giardinera, American cheese, and extra juice. Sweet peppers and hot peppers on the side.

  • Order a keg of beer.

  • Invite 75 hungry friends over and watch their eyes roll in the backs of their heads. Two sandwiches each will stuff them with heaven.

  • Save the leftovers and eat them for the next three days for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks.  Great cold, dipped in ketchup–for breakfast.  OMG!

    THIS is my favorite food.  Bam.  Enzo's Italian Combo. WOOF!

    Enzo’s Combo, Renata Style: Combo with giardinera, American cheese, extra juice, cut in half. 

♥ da story

Enzo's Restaurant back in the 1970's.
Enzo’s Restaurant back in the 1970’s.

My favorite restaurant on earth is Enzo’s Restaurant–and that’s the God’s honest truth.

Yes, the four of us kids grew up working there.

Yes, a family business is hard on families.

Yes, the entire family still eats and loves Enzo’s World-Famous Chargrilled Italian Sausage & Beef sandwiches because they taste THAT good.

Yes, the family business is still going strong, thanks to my sister Lisa, her husband Kevin, and their son Kyle.

Yes, Lisa toiled for years on her world-famous pizza recipe, and created crust, sauce, toppings from scratch. Her pizza could be a business of its own, and has developed a cult following.

Yes, the pizzas are topped with the famous Enzo’s sausage which is cut and, seasoned, ground in the Enzo’s Restaurant kitchen.  Enzo’s uses the  same recipe my mom and dad started when they first opened the doors over fifty years ago. 

Yes, Enzo is from Italy.  His roast beef recipe comes from his mother Natalia who died when Enzo was fourteen-years-old. Enzo came to Chicago Heights at the age of twenty five and opened Enzo’s Restaurant in 1972. Enzo’s was, and still is, the crown jewel of Chicago Heights. Mom and Dad ran the famous *Carmelcorn Shop too.

Yes, my dad built the Enzo’s charcoal brick barbecue that those sausages are still grilled on in the same way they have been dazzling Far South Siders for over fifty years.

Yes, I LOVE my sissy for everything she does, including carrying this wonderful family business into the future. Here is my interview with my favorite, and only sister, Lisa Hallberg.

Interview with Lisa Hallberg

Renata and her favorite sister Lisa Hallberg have collectively survived five teenagers.  Lisa runs the show now. Renee writes it.
Renata and her favorite sister Lisa Hallberg and have collectively survived the Italian Food business. Lisa runs the show now. Renee writes it.

What are some of your favorite food memories?

I remember when you and I made that pizza in the back of Enzo’s and ate a ton of it.  We were starving and ate half the tray.  We were 15 and 20 years old.  That was so fun. “This is good, lets’ put this on!

and  as always, Christmas Eve is my favorite, all the fish, my favorite.

I just love the smell of garlic and olive oil in the house, whenever I smell that it’s very comforting.

What do you love about running the family restaurant?

There is a feeling I get inside of me. I love hearing the customers who come in and tell me about their own families and how long they have been coming to Enzo’s, and how they are so glad we are still there.

And I really do love working with my son Kyle and my husband Kevin. I love mentoring my son Kyle. I love being able to be with my husband at work.

What is your favorite Enzo’s food?

That is really hard. I go around the menu. Sometimes I really want the pizza. I like creating a burger with all different stuff on it.  The beef and sausage…I had a sausage yesterday right off the charcoal grill it was fabulous.  It’s kinda fun when customers come up with different things, then I think “oh, that looks good! I’m gonna eat that!”

Useful Links

Click here to go to the Enzo’s Website & Menu:

link to Enzo’s Restaurant Website & Menu

Click here for link to Enzo’s Facebook page:

link to Facebook.com/Enzos-Restaurant

Link to online ordering from The Carmelcorn Shop, where all carmelcorn, cheese corn, glazed pecans are made from scratch with 100 year-year-old recipes!

Renata and her nephew, Kyle Hallberg, the outstanding young man whose energy, vitality & intelligence generates new business daily!

Renata and her nephew, Kyle Hallberg, the outstanding young man whose energy, vitality & intelligence generates new business daily!

Review by Dominic Candeloro–Italian-American Scholar, Author, Professor, and Chicago Heights native 

Five stars. Enzo’s in one of Chicago Heights’ oldest and best institutions. A neighborhood bastion. Great beef sandwiches, and getting even more interesting with the new generation in charge. Bravo…

Dominic Candeloro, 27 January 2015 

 Dominic Candeloro works to preserve the Italian-American Experience here in the great city of Chicago: link to http://www.luc.edu/italianamerican/

♥ da quote


Be a Light in the World

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Nita and Enzo Tribo on their wedding day in 1961.

Nita and Enzo Tribo on their wedding day in 1961.










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