Meal Planning

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Ahhh, Meal Planning–The Right Hand Man of “The Shopping List”

Vegans, Meat Eaters, Gluten-Free? What kind of world are we living in?! 


I’m not sure how we all got to this place, but it seems like everyone in the world is on a different diet these days! Here are some of my top tips for coping with what I call The Modern Family Table:



Here are some of my top tips for coping with what I call The Modern Family Table:

  •  Use Veggies as your bridging element.  Vegetables are suitable for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, Paleo diets, Atkins, and are usually gluten free! They are your BEST friends and should take up half your plate. (I know, I have a hard time getting there too, but let’s try!)
  •  Think of vegetables as your main dish, and add meat/fish/beans as your ‘side’, since you are really only meant to eat a portion of protein the size of your fist (a portion of veggies the size of your head is great!)
  •  Think of your carbs as one of your sides too. Carbs should also be a portion the size of your fist. (Tell that to my Italian family! If given half a chance, we can eat a whole pound of cooked pasta per person!)
  •  How to NOT cook for all diets every night!
  1.  When you are cooking meat, make enough to carry over into the next meal, even if it’s dressed up in another meal.  If Monday night you have roast chicken  then the next night you can plan ‘whole wheat veggie wraps’ and plan to use leftover diced chicken in those wraps which will taste great cold or at a buffet. 
  2. When you are cooking vegan/vegetarian, cook double portions so that if the next night you are having a meatloaf or risotto with chicken stock, or whatever, you can pull out your vegetarian chili and heat it up for that person, but still serve with, i.e., a mixed colorful salad as a bridging element.
  3. When cooking for gluten-free diets, cook double your rice, quinoa, or potatoes and store in airtight container in fridge (or freeze!) The next night, if you are having a pasta with chicken and vegetables, you can serve the gluten-free eater leftover potatoes reheated, along with the chicken and veggies you are sharing.

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