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  • Meal Management

    • Cook Dinner with Breakfast

      Daily Bread   ♥recipe ♥story ♥quote ♥recipe Renata’s Smashing Marinara Smash Garlic, Make Sandwiches, Brew Coffee YES YOU CAN! ♥story My husband announced with glee that a Ted Talker has proven that “multitasking” is impossible. His triumphant remark was delivered at the dinner table between bites of food that I prepared while folding laundry, ordering my daughter’s birthday cake, and tackling tech torture for work. I disagree! Maybe our brains can’t legitimately multitask per se.  Maybe the word “multitask” is simply a euphemism that every woman I know uses to describe the way she thinks about dinner, the emotional well-being of […]

    • Mashed Potatoes–Where to buy, how to cook

      DAILY BREAD ♥recipe ♥story ♥quote ***(AND THOSE FOOD LINKS YOU WANT BELOW!) ♥recipe link to: My Mashed Potatoes Absolutely perfect. And I don’t say that about many things in life.  ♥story (Yes, I said THIS much  about a potato) The type of potato you buy for your mashed potatoes is just as important as the recipe you use. Buy organic russet potatoes loose from Wholefoods for a good value (the brown ones that look dirty), and look for similar sized potatoes so you don’t have to do so much work cutting them into evenly sized little soldiers.  OR buy organic Yukon Gold potatoes (the […]

    • DAILY BREAD: Gluten-Free Guests add flavor to Renata’s Kitchen

      Daily Bread ♥da recipe ♥ da story ♥ da quote 4-year-old Luciana had fun making this dish in just a few minutes! ♥da recipe Click here for recipe link to: Luciana’s Easy Peasy Gluten-Free Oven Baked Pasta Small fingers love tiny tea cups filled with gluten-free pasta bake. ♥ da story I absolutely love when friends who have different diets come to visit.  I learn so much! Our friends Nick and Gayle Bisesi brought their amazing daughter Luciana to our home.  Luciana is four years old, and I think she knows more about nutrition than I do! It is fun for me to […]

    • Daily Bread: Your Organic Beef Bio Cheat Sheet

      Daily Bread ♥da recipe ♥ da story ♥ da quote What is Organic Meat? Is your meat grass-fed, organic, hormone-free, or GMO-free? ♥da recipe:  Renata’s Quick Organic Steak Marinade Marinate 2 organic sirloin steaks in a bowl with 2 T olive oil, 2 T fresh herbs like parsley, rosemary, basil, them (or mix), 2 cloves sliced garlic, 2 squeezes of fresh lemon, 2 fingers of capers, 2 dabs of Dijon mustard, and 2 twists of fresh pepper from the grinder.  Let it sit while you have a glass of wine. Remove soaked steak and place on hot grill, ensuring that you don’t flip it […]

    • DAILY BREAD: My Favorite Food–EVER

      Daily Bread ♥da recipe ♥ da story ♥ da quote THIS is my favorite food. Bam. Enzo’s Italian Combo. WOOF! My favorite food is at Enzo’s Restaurant–The Sausage and Beef Combo ♥da recipe Recipe for an Enzo’s World-Famous Italian Sandwich Party Visit: and click the “pdf” file in center of page.  Order 50 beef sandwiches, cut in half with extra juice. Sweet peppers on the side. Order 50 sausage sandwiches, cut in half with sweet peppers, hot sauce, and extra juice.  Order 50 combo sandwiches, cut in half, with giardinera, American cheese, and extra juice. Sweet peppers and hot peppers on the side. […]

    • DAILY BREAD: 15 Bullets for a Beautiful BBQ

         15 BULLETS FOR A BEAUTIFUL BBQ RECIPES, TIPS & QUOTE Place marinated steaks on hot grill and LEAVE IT! Turn once only half way. Let it rest a few minutes before eating. Slurp!   DA RECIPE: Renata’s Quick Steak Marinade Marinate 2 sirloin steaks in a bowl with 2 T olive oil, 2 T fresh herbs like parsley, rosemary, basil, them (or mix), 2 cloves sliced garlic, 2 squeezes of fresh lemon, and 2 twists of fresh pepper from the grinder.  Let it sit while you have a glass of wine. Remove soaked steak and place on hot grill, ensuring that you […]

    • DAILY BREAD: Reverse the Curse (of your plate)

      Reverse Ratio of Powerful Produce Powerful Produce Should HOG the Plate. Da Story: Somewhere in this topsy-turvy world, we got our ratio of fruits/veg to protein/carbs/fats totally out of whack. Time to reverse the curse of those gigantic portions of processed carbs, fats, proteins taking over our plates. It’s not hard to get back on the powerful produce track. When you are building your next plate, whether it is a snack or a meal, just REVERSE THE CURSE. Instead of placing 1 cup of yogurt: 1/2 cup of fruit, try REVERSING your ratio of POWERFUL PRODUCE to yogurt. Try 1 cup […]

    • DAILY BREAD: Pass the Thyme–Do you know your herbs?

      How do you pass the thyme?   DA STORY: What time is the thyme located on this clock? (It’s a kind of a trick question because I didn’t have 12 or 4 herbs.) BUT! If the herbs are located at 12, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 o’clock, then what time is the thyme located on the “Herbal Clock”? If you guess the other herbs you get an extra gold star! Or should I say an extra luscious flavor to clip, snip, dip or sip? Herbs reach all of your senses. Their smell will heal your worn out soul when you […]

    • DAILY BREAD: Water, Water, Everywhere and Not a Chop to THINK!

      Did Our Ancestors Drink 8 Glasses of Water a DAY? DA STORY: Well….kinda!  It’s hard to picture my great, great grandparents coming home from the general store with bottled water for the seventeen people who lived under one roof. So how did they stay hydrated?  Possible ways our ancestors stayed hydrated: tap water well water they didn’t stay properly hydrated they didn’t NEED to stay as hydrated as we do they ate less processed food  they ate more vegetables and fruits Some combination of all of these factors is probably how our ancestors stayed hydrated. There may also be other factors not listed. I’d […]

    • DAILY BREAD: Product Placement = Produce Power!

      Put Powerful Produce At Eye Level!   Kids Eat What is Easy to See Come to think of it, adults eat what is easy to see too! DA STORY: Why hide the most powerful pieces of produce in a drawer in the fridge? Whenever I have a spare moment or two, I dig those veggies and fruit out of the drawer, CHOP CHOP, and put them into a giant tupperware container.  That container goes at EYE level depending on how big my kids get! Depending on their sizes and ages, sometimes I put one transparent container at the highest level (tall son!) and […]

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