Renata’s “Smashing” Marinara

There's no need to chop...


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    Meet Renata

    When your photos of food in your phone outnumber the photos of your children, it’s time to create a food website.  But it didn’t start there.  My passion ...

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    Renata’s Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

    To my amazement, my dad last year said, “This is what I was waiting for!” when I took my roasted vegetables out of the oven.  They are so ...

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  • "My Little Chick-a-Peas" taste much better when made from dried, soaked and slowly simmered organic chick peas from Wholefoods bulk section.  Come up and see them sometime!

    “My Little Chick-a-Pea” 400 Calorie Lunch

    “My Little Chick-a-Pea” 400 Calorie Lunch   If you know me, then you know I LOVE black and white movies. So today’s recipe pays homage to the characters ...

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    Sweet Potato Mash in a Flash

    Throw several pierced sweet potatoes in the oven with the turkey the last hour and a half and bake until soft.  Pull them out, slice lengthwise, scoop out ...

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