Grandma Nita’s Fabulous Red Wine Biscotti

Grandma Nita tutored my daughter and I on how to bake her Fabulous Red Wine Biscotti.

We learned how to make well in the center of a bowl with flour, sugar, salt and baking soda.

We learned how the really great chefs of the world use just a few simple tools like a big old bowl, and a regular old soup spoon.

We learned that mothers have to lead by example.

We learned that daughters have to follow their mothers.

And we learned that Grandma is always right.

By the end of our cooking lesson, we realized we disagreed about the timing of the cookies.

Sophie and Grandma liked them more ‘well-done’. (23-25 minutes.)

Renata liked them more golden colored. (20-22 minutes).

Though we fought and fought, the end of the summer was like Grandma’s biscotti.


And drenched in wine.

Now THAT’S Italian!



Grandma Nita's Fabulous Red Wine Biscotti


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