Family Preserves

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Preserving Family Traditions in the Heart of the Home

  • Family Preserves

    • Veggies ARE protein!   Daily Bread ♥da recipe ♥ da story ♥ da quote ♥da recipe Roast it with Renata at 375F! Practically ever vegetable can be lightly coated in olive oil, lightly salted, and roasted in the oven on a baking sheet at 375F until soft, brown, gooey.   Get your pulse powered up with plant-based protein! Lightly coat asparagus with olive oil. Sprinkle with sea salt. Spread on baking sheet and roast uncovered at 375F for about 20-30 minutes.  You can’t over cook it! I once left veggies in oven way too long and they just came out brown and gooier! […]

    • Daily Bread ♥da recipe ♥ da story ♥ da quote 4-year-old Luciana had fun making this dish in just a few minutes! ♥da recipe Click here for recipe link to: Luciana’s Easy Peasy Gluten-Free Oven Baked Pasta Small fingers love tiny tea cups filled with gluten-free pasta bake. ♥ da story I absolutely love when friends who have different diets come to visit.  I learn so much! Our friends Nick and Gayle Bisesi brought their amazing daughter Luciana to our home.  Luciana is four years old, and I think she knows more about nutrition than I do! It is fun for me to […]

    • Daily Bread ♥da recipe ♥ da story ♥ da quote THIS is my favorite food. Bam. Enzo’s Italian Combo. WOOF! My favorite food is at Enzo’s Restaurant–The Sausage and Beef Combo ♥da recipe Recipe for an Enzo’s World-Famous Italian Sandwich Party Visit: and click the “pdf” file in center of page.  Order 50 beef sandwiches, cut in half with extra juice. Sweet peppers on the side. Order 50 sausage sandwiches, cut in half with sweet peppers, hot sauce, and extra juice.  Order 50 combo sandwiches, cut in half, with giardinera, American cheese, and extra juice. Sweet peppers and hot peppers on the side. […]

    • Reverse Ratio of Powerful Produce Powerful Produce Should HOG the Plate. Da Story: Somewhere in this topsy-turvy world, we got our ratio of fruits/veg to protein/carbs/fats totally out of whack. Time to reverse the curse of those gigantic portions of processed carbs, fats, proteins taking over our plates. It’s not hard to get back on the powerful produce track. When you are building your next plate, whether it is a snack or a meal, just REVERSE THE CURSE. Instead of placing 1 cup of yogurt: 1/2 cup of fruit, try REVERSING your ratio of POWERFUL PRODUCE to yogurt. Try 1 cup […]

    • How to Get Somethin’ From Nothin’ (and Good, Clean Summer Fun)  Da Story: Creativity comes from one thing: need. When you have nothing, you create something. If you have everything, then you need not create a single thing. Most people feel they need something, whether it’s material, spiritual, or abstract.   It is therefore my belief that every single living creature on earth is creative.  Some people have more gumption than others in satisfying their need to get their needs met. You could call it survival. You could call it drive. You could call it greed. Whatever the reason, people began creating […]

    • Recycle Your Mistakes or Leftovers Into Delicious New Recipes I’m not a big fan of the phrase:  “Everything happens for a reason”. I see life more as a giant recyclable, repurposed, reusable ecosystem.  Mistakes can be recycled into opportunities.  Wrong turns can be repurposed as adventures. Leftovers and new ingredients can be reused as healthy, delicious recipes. A simple bridge of  herbs, nuts  and pasta can turn last night’s stir fry veggies into tonight’s pasta primavera.  Make your herbal bridge yourself in an old bucket, and you’ve got this recycling ecosystem DOWN to a fine art. My momma always used to say, “There […]

    • Fruitful Friday– Patty’s Pesto Party Welcome to Fruitful Friday, your weekly column for growing “da-vine” in your back yard. I would like to introduce you to my friend from college, Patty Lange DiVita who lives in St Paul, Minnesota with her husband Sam and their two teenagers Sal and Dominic.   My friend Patty likes a good pesto party. Around Memorial Day she and her family plant enough basil seeds to harvest bushels of fresh basil. Patty and her family get pounds of pesto from the contents of a packet of seeds they plant in their back yard in Minnesota each year. […]

    • IF You Build It They Will Come Lasagna for Meaters, Veaters, and Cheaters Layers Meat Filling:  Here is my lasagna-for-cheat-day method.  I brown the organic ground beef and drain fat, then sauté with a little sliced garlic and sea salt. I layer the beef in as I layer the cheese into the meat pan.  I mix it into the Renata’s Smashing Marinara and pretend it cooked for hours! My son doesn’t seem to notice. It all tastes heavenly in the end. Now I don’t need two separate sauces for da vegans.  Forks are-a-clankin’! RECIPE LINK TO RENATA’S SMASHING MARINARA: Cheese Filling: […]

    • Oh, Mamma Mia,  What to Get for Mother’s Day! Wholefoods to the Rescue for  “La Bella Mamma” (All gifts under $25)   Panicking about what to get the special woman in your life for Mother’s Day? Fear not!  Renata’s Mothers Day Grab Bag List should help you put the happy glow in Mommas heart.   I chose to feature Wholefoods Market for the following reasons. They are a nationally recognized chain, every mother I have ever known has been to the grocery store, and  we almost all LOVE food-related gifts! Happy Mother’s Day to every one of you, no matter how you […]

    • Renata’s Kitchen presents: The 2015 Granny Awards!!   Congratulations to our 2015 Granny Award Winners!!!!   1st Place Winner: Tammy Hicks— Great, Great Grandmother’s Traditional Polish Cabbage Pierogis 2nd Place Winner: Melissa  McGivney— Grandma Judy’s Latkes 3rd Place Winner: Danny Blanchfield— Grandma Rita’s Tater Tot Casserole The following people have shared their favorite stories of their grandmas holiday recipes and mmmm, mmm are they good ones. As you know, food is my life.  Why? Because food is your fuel, breaking bread is biblical, and sharing food is one of the most beautiful reminders of grace in our lives. When we […]

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