Easy Peasy Organic Meatballs

Cleanup in two minutes flat!

You may realize by now that my best recipes come from these facts: I am lazy, cheap and love good food.

One of my slurpiest memories is from growing up in our family’s Italian restaurant.  I loved  watching my dad pull this HUGE metal tray of handmade meatballs out of the oven, with their crusty brown little bottoms they would form, tiny puffed pockets of torn Italian bread/beef juices appearing here and there like a face kissed by the sun. Customers would line up at the cash register where I used my pudgy little fingers to crank the cash machine, and stare at customers in Da Heights through my huge, round glasses.

SO! These meatballs are a variation on those meatballs, with a couple of exceptions.  I am  TIRED most of the time!  (This recipe will thrill you with the cleanup). I also don’t eat as much beef as I used to (these have been mini-sized), and I like that organic ground beef they sell in three packs at Costco. These meatballs are lean, and not the “all day, 3 types of meat” meatballs you make in long gravy. They are perfect for mid week meals with kids, and wrap up nicely for leftovers in the same darned foil ya placed them on for the bake!

*Most of all, this is the fastest recipe on earth for mini-slurptastic organic beef meatballs. Yes, I’ve made longer versions on special occasions with a lot of other variations, but this is a good recipe when you need to feed the troops FAST, and you leeeerve organic beef.




Easy Peasy Organic Meatballs



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  1. These are so easy! Just prepped 62 in less than 20 min! Renata you are brilliant!


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