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It's seedy.
Remember...the best cook in the world is YOU!
Remember…the best cook in the world is YOU!

Daily Bread

♥da recipe ♥ da story ♥ da quote

Smashed clove of garlic makes for a very sweet sauce with no bitterness.

Hit the photo for link to “Renata’s Smashing Marinara”…

♥da recipe(s)

About ’em:

  • Recipes come straight from my heart.
  • Recipes also come from the hearts of people I love and am honored to know.
  • 1/2 recipes I make repeat every week. 1/2 recipes seem to come from the ADHD ether. (Otherwise known as the holy spirit?)
  • I did not glance at a cook book until I was in my 30s.
  • I get visions of finished products, and gravity pulls me to the kitchen.
  • My favorite recipe I ever created is “Renata’s Smashing Marinara”. It’ so simple. I never saw another technique like it.  I get my rage out on each poor little clove of garlic I smash. Nobody suffers.

Link to Renata’s Smashing Marinara

OMG. I make this 100 times a year. De Cecco ONLY.
OMG. I make this 100 times a year. De Cecco ONLY.

♥ da story

I tend to get strange looks.

A lot.

You know that look your dog gives you when she hears a sound she has never heard?


That’s the look I get a lot when I talk about food.

I often joke that I “grew up in a restaurant.”

I didn’t literally LIVE in a restaurant.

The only people who do not give me a strange look are other people who also “grew up in a restaurant.”

Sons of bakers.

Daughters of Greek immigrants.

People who grew up with one foot in service, one in society.

It’s a strange cloth from which to be cut.

My friend Maria and I were both cut from this cloth.

We met on a baseball diamond on a freezing Spring day in the great city of Chicago, where people strike up imaginative conversations with one another as if they were on the Improv Circuit.

People who “grew up in a restaurant” seem to recognize their compatriots when they see them popping up and down in front of a baseball diamond on a cold April day. 

It “SHOULD” be warm.

It “IS” spring. 

There are no “SHOULDS” in restaurant families.

So we write food blogs.  

We cater movie sets.

We try our hands at improv.

And we come back to food. 

Spoon fed.  Nursed.   Born to feed.

THAT’S Renata’s Kitchen…in a nutshell. A crunchy, organic, Non-GMO nutshell.

And I’m not allergic to it. 

 ♥ da quote

Look up at the stars and not down at your feet.  Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist.  Be curious.

-Stephen Hawking

I saw this cute drawing at my doctor's office and it touched me so deeply I had to snap a pic! Artist unknown!
I saw this cute drawing at my doctor’s office and it touched me so deeply I had to snap a pic! Artist unknown!



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