DAILY BREAD: Product Placement = Produce Power!

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Put Powerful Produce At Eye Level!

Produce Placement is KEY!

Produce Placement is KEY!


Kids Eat What is Easy to See

Come to think of it, adults eat what is easy to see too!


Why hide the most powerful pieces of produce in a drawer in the fridge?

Whenever I have a spare moment or two, I dig those veggies and fruit out of the drawer, CHOP CHOP, and put them into a giant tupperware container.  That container goes at EYE level depending on how big my kids get!

Depending on their sizes and ages, sometimes I put one transparent container at the highest level (tall son!) and one container at the middle level (short daughter). 

Take those tragic snacks your kids coerced you into buying and shove them in the drawer.  You may need to test your drawers to be sure they are the correct temperature, but it should be fine.  Most of our food goes so quickly it doesn’t have time to go off!

I cannot underestimate the importance of bumping up your vegetable and fruit intake. Forget “5 a day”.  You should be aiming for 5 “VEG” a day, and 3 FRUIT a day! 8-10 would be perfect.  (Remember, a portion is the size of your palm.)

My dad is from Italy and he is 83 years old. He is currently on ZERO medications.  This is partly genetic. But partly he is a study in science about what happens to a human who eats 8-10 veggies/fruit a day, plus pasta every single day of his life.  Protein is eaten in small amounts, throughout the day and most of his diet is plant based with plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of extra virgin olive oil.

Notice how I write “veg and fruit” instead of “fruit and veg”.  That is because I believe veggies are the secret to life! Fruit is GREAT too, especially powerhouses like berries.  But eat with the seasons, and don’t overdo the fruit past 3 servings or so per day.  But DO over do the veg!

And NO, potatoes don’t count as a veg, they count as a starch! They are still excellent, especially organic and sweet potatoes still in their skins.  But you must look for these three things:


And NO, legumes do NOT count as your veggies either! Legumes are your protein/fiber/starch selection.  They are also SUPER healthy, especially organic red lentils, any lentil on earth, beans, which are digested slowly. If you don’t normally eat beans, then start out sampling just one per day to get your body used to it.  Lentils are very easy to digest and to eat.  So get to it! But just remember, Renata wants ya to eat COLOR, COLOR, COLORful veggies outside the legume family as well!

My dad taught  me to eat like this.  So when he came  to my house the other day not feeling very well, I plonked him down and made him his “medicine”.

I promptly finely chopped him up 5 veggies, tons of various fresh herbs, fresh lemon juice, lots of olive oil, and mixed in a hand full of cannellini beans, drizzling it all in extra virgin olive oil, sprinkling with sea salt, and heaping onto my favorite ever “Engine 2 Plant Strong Crackers” with a huge glass of water.  I did chop one mango finely and add this to the veggies to give a sweet flavor he was craving.  

“Oh my God-O!” my dad, said, (cause every word Dad says ends in a vowel, even “God”. ) “I think I’ve been eating too many fruits, and not enough vegetables! Where did you learn to cook like this?” he asked me.

“Uh…YOU, Dad!” I told him, beaming at his burst of energy when he was finished.

“Oh, yeah!” he said. 

I was thrilled when, in just a short hour, my dad was feeling SO much better that he had tons of energy for the rest of the day.

So remember, cut up those colorful veggies and fruits, place them ALL mixed together in a tupperware container or on a BIG plate when our kids get home from school.

Don’t segregate fruit and veg. They enjoy working together. Plus, your kids are more likely to eat a carrot and celery stick if it is paired with a red grape. Especially when they are starving after they just got home from school.

Watch how they grow with colorful cheeks, eyes and hearts!

Da Quote:

Go vegetable heavy. Reverse the psychology of your plate by making meat the side dish and vegetables the main course.

-Bobby Flay


Da Recipe:

Finest Veg and Fruit Salad YOUR Way

  1. Select 4 veggies you love, and 1 fruit, 1 shallot, then chop them all FINELY.

  2. Select 1-3 of your favorite herbs and them FINELY.

  3. Mix veggies, fruit, herbs in a large serving bowl.

  4. Pour in copious extra virgin olive oil to coat all your babies.

  5. Squeeze tons of fresh lemon, lime juice or Italian white wine vinegar/rice wine vinegar all over mixed salad.

  6. Add salt and pepper, mix & taste again. 

  7. Add ‘this-n-that’ until your eyes roll in the back of your head and you say “SLURP!”

Other Variations:

  • Finely chopped mangos
  • Cilantro
  • Fresh basil
  • Italian Fresh Flat Leaf parsley
  • White beans: cannellini, white kidney
  • Fava beans
  • Lentils 
  • minced garlic
  • spring onion
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • grapes
  • strawberries
  • cucumbers
  • Fresh greek oregano
  • Fresh Dill
  • Fresh sweet marjoram
  • red kidney beans
  • black beans
  • pecans, walnuts, cashews
  • a little dijon mustard
  • a little honey
  • sea salt
  • crushed pepper
  • chopped avocado
  • mashed avocado
  • avocado thinned with fresh lemon juice, made into a thin base
  • your imagination
  • your heart’s desire 
  • buy with the season! 
  • your favorite colors!
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