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Bill’s–BEST. COFFEE. EVER. Order here!

Daily Bread ♥da recipe ♥ da story ♥ da quote And the award goes to Bill’s! Best. Coffee. Ever. ♥da recipe  follow link to coffee: Recipe for World’s Best Cup of Coffee Visit Bill’s Restaurant (UK Site) to purchase. Wait for overseas shipping to deliver to your kitchen.  Realize why you paid for overseas […]

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Frozen Blueberry Taste Test

Daily Bread Renata’s Favorite Frozen Blueberries Were: *****WINNER***** Stahlbush Island Farms Frozen Blueberries My order of preference for these three brands starting with my favorite were: “Stahblush Island Farms” frozen non-GMO blueberries. ***RENATA’S WINNER***Very strong texture of blueberry without so many ice crystals crunching between my teeth.  Strong flavor of […]