Boy Meats Girl–Feeding the Carnivore Son and the Vegetarian Daughter

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Renata's Two Fork Pork is the easiest party food ever. Pop the meat in, cover, cook, shred, BBQ sauce, DONE!
Renata’s Two Fork Pork is the easiest meat fest to prepare ever.  Pop any cut of pork in slow cooker, turn it on low, go to work.  Come home, shred, use aside carbs/beans/veggies to join vegetarians and carnivores.


Link to Two Fork Pork recipe

Link to No Hassle Tostada recipe


My life is like a Chipotle line…but without the financial profit.

Daily meals in the Gough house are like catering a party.  We blend meats and vegetarian meals, but we do so by breaking stuff down into batches of meat, veggies, and carb bowls, then piling up the plates according to what we want.

I know this sounds complicated but it’s really not.  Usually, I cook a large amount of meat all at once in the slow cooker, like this “Two Fork Pork”, and then use it for a few different meals or lunches.

The beauty of pork is that you can get virtually any cut of it and bung it in the slow cooker forever on low, with nothing at all in it, and then come home, use two forks to shred, and you are done.

From there, you can add chipotle sauce, salsa, or bbq sauce, depending on your mood for that day. Divide the pork into three batches and do a little of each.  BBQ pulled pork makes a great school lunch for my huge, strapping son.

My tiny vegetarian daughter gathers what she needs from the veggies, beans and carbs that not only feed her a complete protein/fiber/carb dinner, but completes my son’s meal with the colorful produce his body needs.

Two Fork Pork is one of my all time favorites because it is such good value, is so easy to make into different dishes, and it doesn’t mind being left to cook on low for an extra hour or two  if I don’t get home  in time.

Bone-in, boneless, butt, shoulder, loin, honestly, it doesn’t matter.  The loin will be less fatty.  Any way you shred it, if that pork gets in the slow cooker at breakfast on low, it will be ready to fall apart with two forks at dinner.

Drain the fat.  Season with whatever you wish. Pile on some veggies, beans and/or carbs, and you are set for a beautiful buffet of choices.

A simple broccoli, garlic, white bean and tomato stir fry will take 5 minutes in a little olive oil on the stove.  Serve with steamed rice if you have time, or with whole grain wraps or tortillas if you don’t.

Pulled pork can reappear in lunches, tacos, refried rice/beans/garlic/veggies, soups, chili, on top pasta, and stirred into quick stews.

Two forks, a slab of pork, slow cooker & work. 



There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. 

-Colin Powell 

Thank you God for work that feeds us, for challenges that shape us, for children that drive us crazy (cuz what else would we do?) and for the kitchen table where we share all that good and bad stuff about our lives. 



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