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I love cooking because it's an art form for me. It's something that is productive and relaxing at the same time. Cooking makes people happy & it gives me something that I am proud of. I love the beauty of cooking, the art that comes out of it. I'm not really artistic in other ways and cooking & baking give me my own ways of expressing art, even if it isn't conventional. I love being vegan because it makes me feel good. I feel empowered, like I'm making (given a very small) difference in the world. Even if the animal products that I refrain from eating don't change the food industry, when people find out I'm vegan they are inherently curious. They ask why, and are genuinely intrigued. I don't try to preach vegan-ism but spreading awareness about the food industry is vital to our survival. I love making people think about things they don't usually think about, and maybe making a tiny difference in the world. Being vegan also forces me to eat really cool foods, and things I never would have tried before. My palette has definitely widened since becoming vegan. *Sophie is always in the kitchen chopping, cooking, and baking up her fabulous chocolate vegan treats. Her favorite vegan chefs are Oh She Glows cookbook author Angela Liddon, (, and Isa Does It cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz from Post Punk Kitchen (

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Sophie’s Chocoluscious Chip Vegan Cookies

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My daughter is a vegan baking genius. I have begged her to take her college ...

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