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Grandma Nita is what my kids call my mom, Nita (nee Sebastian) Tribo. She was born in 1938 in Chicago Heights, where she grew up with her 100% Italian (American) father and 100% Polish (American) mother, along with many other relatives! Her favorite cook was her mother, my Grandma Wanda, who used to make the best potato pancakes on earth. Grandma Wanda used to also pick cherries and invite all family members to sit at the kitchen table and get their fingers red and stained from pitting the cherries for her desserts that my mom would run to neighbors down the street for fun and good cheer. Nita married Enzo, a guy from Italy who couldn't speak English very well. She was working at Barwig Drug Store when he came in to ask if they sold "Luke Water" to wash his shirt with Woolite. "It says here on the label--wash with Luke Water," he said to her in his broken English. She realized he meant 'luke warm water', took pity on him, married him, and had 4 children. Her grandson's name is Luke. (My son, Lucas, a.k.a. Luke".) I have always said that Grandma Nita is the best chef on the face of the earth. I am not alone. But my dad, Enzo, is a close second. My mom is a mad scientist in the kitchen, loves to cook, and is pretty good about 'texting' (texting me food photos!) on her iPhone. She impresses the heck out of me daily. Enjoy some of her magical treats!

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Grandma Nita’s Oven Baked Chicken

Grandma Nita uses Amish chicken.

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