60 Second Power Pump (200 Calories)

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200 Calorie Power Pump!



Power Pumps are NOT Just for Breakfast!

  • Controls Blood Sugar Drama

  • Uses all those frozen berries you don’t know how to use 

  • Only uses a little of the expensive stuff



  1. Microwave one cup of frozen berries for 45 seconds until they are pliable. (60 cals)

  2. Add 1/4 C of “Engine 2 Plant-Strong: Rip’s Big Bowl Triple Berry Walnut” purchased at Wholefoods or similar (105 cals)

  3. 1/2 C sugar-free almond milk (15 calories)

  4. 1/2 tsp Organic Chia Seeds (15 calories)

  5. Optional: 2-3  drops pure maple syrup or vanilla essence. (1-25 cals)


My blood sugar levels are so sensitive that I licked caramel off my finger tip this morning and ten minutes later almost had a seizure on the kitchen floor next to my confused dogs.  

Blood Sugar Dramas are not good for my delicate blood flow.

No, I am not a diabetic.  I am healthy as an organic ox.  But somehow I feel I am going to pass out and die if I don’t have a “slow burner” in my tank before I add sweet treats to the engine.

When I get that heady feeling (a mixture of dizziness, hunger and nausea), I reach for  a 60 Second Power Pump.

Protein is such a hunger prom queen these days.  But gosh darn it, I can’t bring myself to eat chicken, beans or kale on an empty stomach.

When I am not creating a disaster in my kitchen, I work at a bookstore where protein titles gobble the nutritional zeitgeist. I know I should read/eat/do better. 

But I like eating cereal when I get hungry!

I grew up in the 70s. Like Seinfeld, I can toss down a bowl of cereal for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, or pre/post-cocktail hour.

But oh have our cereals have grown up!

I don’t know what happened since Seinfeld grazed on a small bowl of Kix before scratching out the ’34’ on his jeans and writing in a ’32’.

But I do know that if I wanted to be regarded by the hipster nutritional crowd as lower on the evolutionary totem pole than a satan-worshipping serial killer, then I should not feed myself or my family cornflakes.

If I do, I must beware the condemnation of the Nutritional Hipster Power Crowd.

In the Seinfeld scene of my mind, the 2016 script runs like this:

“Cornflakes?” condemn the Nutritional Hipster Power Crowd.

(A GUILTY GASP falls over the audience)

-Nutritional Hipster Power Crowd Circles Unfit Parent-

“The corn!” (GMOs…I am ruining the earth!)

“The sugar!” (Don’t I know that corn turns IN to sugar in my body? I should have studied harder in school!)

“The lack of protein and fiber!” (I am KILLING my children by sending them to school devoid of a good kale/organic-grass-fed-beef/lentil ‘bacon’ start to the day!)


Whatever the reason why Seinfeld could eat cornflakes all day long and still have a tiny butt, I don’t know. 

I do know that the Nutritional Hipster Power Crowd has a point.

I feel better after eating power pluses like:

  • organic berries

  • organic walnuts

  • oats

  • chia seeds

  • organic sprouted whole grain wheat,

  • organic sprouted whole grain barley,

  • organic sprouted whole grain millet

  • organic lentils

  • organic sprouted whole grain spelt

But who has time to hunt all this stuff down at the supermarket? 

That’s why I love when a company like “Engine 2 Plant-Strong” comes along with a cereal like “Rip’s Big Bowl Triple Berry Walnut” cereal.   It has all the ingredients listed above, and more.

Since the price tag and the calorie count is a little high, I tend to sprinkle half a portion of it onto a bowl of blitzed berries, cover it with almond milk, and sprinkle with chia seeds (from the gigantic bag I got at Costco that should last me through 2029).

Once I fill up my gut, I can feel my body and brain being restored to their factory settings.

I tell myself that I am now “New-and-Improved-Nutritional-Hipster-Power-Person”.

And voila, my blood-sugar feels balanced. 

Benefits of eating Power Pump Whenever You Feel Faint:

  • Belly is bulbous without bloat

  • Brain stops panicking because gut tank feels full. 

  • Butt shrinks because a berry goes a long way. (1 cup=60 cals!)

  • Kids are no longer afraid of starving parent who can’t fold laundry without triggering screaming fit.

  • 200 calories of Smug Organic Power


Positive anything is better than negative nothing.

-Elbert Hubbard

Engine 2 Brand
2016 version of Seinfeld’s bowl of Kix?











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